It’s All About Your View

So, in an effort to get/maintain my “Fabulous Forties” position, I’ve been up early working out every morning. My workouts are usually pretty uneventful. You can find me walking/running in my neighborhood, sweating, huffing and puffing and on occasion singing aloud to anyone within earshot of me. However, this particular workout was different.

I had just turned the corner, which indicated that I was almost to the halfway mark of my workout, when up ahead of me, I see what appears to be a “large” dog way down the path from me. Be being the thinker that I am, I began strategizing about what I would do to protect myself, if needed. The first step in my “master plan” was to cross the street (get out of the direct line of fire from this MASSIVE animal ahead of me). Yeah, I know that IS a MASTER PLAN…lol

I never broke my stride or slowed down, I was determine to forge ahead in spite of what I’m perceiving as an enemy and a threat to my safety (and because it was HOT as HELL and I needed to finish this workout). I’m keeping my eye on this animal and as I get closer to the area where my “enemy” is, my breathing becomes more and more labored and I’m admittedly a little nervous. In an effort to try and distract myself from my impending danger, I began focusing on the music in my workout rotation, but even that wasn’t helping. All that I could think about where the “what ifs”… what if this dog bites me? What if no one stops to help me and I become a statistic? Who’s gonna take care of the kids and my beloved RockStarr (my dog)?

The time had come and I’m almost right in “enemy territory ” and I’m looking for a place of escape… a tree? Yeah right, who’s gonna help me up the tree? Um, what about the top of someone’s car? That sounded like money out of my pocket that I didn’t have. So, there is nothing to do but to face this thing head on.

As I approached the enemy, I realized something. The very thing that I had been fearful of for the past few minutes was nothing but a cat. Yes, I said it…a CAT! (And in my defense, a very large one).

You can imagine how embarrassed I was. This thing I had made out to be a monster in my mind was something so harmless. After the quick bout with embarrassment, I had to laugh at myself and then it hit me…God was trying to tell me something. Over the course of the past few months (and in times past) I have worked myself up into a frenzy about something that I made LARGE in my mind. I have allowed what I perceived as a danger/enemy in my life to make me alter my course and caused me to lose faith, when ultimately all I needed to do was face it head on and learn the lesson associated with it and MOVE ON.

While I’m sure you’ve had some laughter at my expense (which is fine) don’t miss the lesson. Whatever you perceive as a threat to your happiness, your joy, your peace of mind and maybe even your life, may not be as big as you’ve made it out to be. Your mountain may be just be a molehill or in my case, your ROTWEILER may just be a LARGE, house cat.

Live and Learn….stay tuned for more lessons learned.

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