My Hair is Growing Back

Okay, okay, I know the title is a bit misleading…this is NOT a hair post. However, it is the best way to describe how I’m beginning to feel. For all of you “Bible scholars” (lol) I’m sure you remember the story of Samson and Delilah. I won’t take you through the entire story, however, the point I want to highlight is that Samson’s strength was in his hair. When Samson’s hair was cut, his strength was gone.

Let’s take a detour for a moment. It is believed in some cultures that your hair is a physical extension of your inner thoughts. When I put this in context of what I’ve been feeling and thinking In this past few months, I was blown away at how this could have some spiritual significance for me.

My inner thoughts have not been all positive throughout this transition in my life. While I’ve handled this situation outwardly with grace, on the inside, I’ve been in turmoil. I’ve felt powerless and that my strength had left me. To put things in perspective, my hair had been cut and there I was bald, blind,  and powerless, just like Samson.

I can only imagine how Samson must have felt when he realized that his strength was returning after being powerless and hairless for so long.  In my mind, Samson’s returning strength wasn’t the same strength he had previously or at least the attitude behind the strength and power had to be a different.

Slowly but surely, I’ve been feeling my strength returning. Some days it’s more prevalent than others and admittedly there are days when I want to lash out at someone, anyone… Most days I’m simply grateful, even in the times when things don’t make sense. 

Hair is a funny thing, you can’t make it grow any faster than it’s going to grow. So, while I wait for my hair/strength to grow /return, the only thing I can do is to take this process one day at a time. I can’t force it. I must allow this process to happen naturally. Somehow, I just know that it’s going to be worth the wait.

Until next time….

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