Today, I Choose Joy


As I get “older”, the more the things that my the matriarchs in my family told me ring true in my life.  I’m learning valuable lessons during Month 1 of JOY.  It seems that the moment that you declare something in your life,  the test of that declaration is sure to be right around the corner.

Monday was my first day back at work after the holiday vacation and I went in with a “joy reset” freshly on my mind.  I was sitting in my office and prepping for a presentation later that day, when my Supervisor comes to my office and says “I know you have got to be upset about that email”.  (I honestly had no idea what she was talking about.)  As it were, one of my new hires (of which I spent the last few weeks training for a position) was called out of state for a family emergency and would not be returning.

I could have been upset for a variety of reasons, (another ad for the job, more interviews, who would fill in the meantime, etc.) but I chose to operate out of the joy that I not only was operating out of, but the joy that I was encouraging everyone to participate in as well.

I shared that incident merely for the fact of sharing how to still operate out of joy, even when confronted with challenges.  JOY is a choice, it’s a place that you choose to operate from and  a place that you choose to abide.

Here are a few suggestions to abide in JOY:

 1.  Know what brings you JOY.  We should not confuse what bring us JOY, with what we enjoy doing.

JOY is a feeling of pleasure and happiness, while the word ENJOY means to take delight or pleasure in an activity or an occasion.

Enjoyment comes from something you actually do and JOY is something that is already there inside of us.

 2.  Value the JOY and then “feed it”.

If you are operating from a place of joy, then you will do anything to protect that joy, but you also learn to feed it so that you experience more of it.

Identify the things that will prove to deduct from your “joy tank” and reduce their effect in your life.  Sometimes retaining your JOY means that you have to let go of some things and sometimes even people that aren’t full of JOY and not moving in the direction of obtaining JOY. Until you have built up your JOY muscles, the best thing you can do is to exercise the JOY that you have in an effort to make those muscles stronger.  Sometimes when we are just starting to work out, we hire a trainer to help us set up the habit of working out, the same principle can be applied to working your JOY muscles.  Find someone that is already operating out of and let some of their JOY rub off on you.

 3.  Find ways to increase your JOY.

Most people pursue material things, money, wealth and fame because on some level they believe that it will add more JOY to their life. Instead of looking for JOY through material things, choose to find “natural” ways to increase your JOY.

1. Decide this week to take a field trip somewhere that makes your heart sing.

It could be the ocean, an art opening, a museum, a road trip, karaoke night, a concert, an amusement park, a fine restaurant, a new yoga studio, an observatory, a trapeze class, a pottery studio. Book the date on your calendar. Make it something that you will look forward to.

2. Have a joy party.

Don’t know what that is? Good. (I don’t either). Make it up. Decide the rules for it. Everyone has to bring at least one ____________. Everyone has to share ____________. Everyone has to participate in ______________. Plan it out. Make it a potluck. Have fun with it.

3. Take a book and go and enjoy a local park or lake or ocean.

Take a blanket and pack a picnic. Enjoy your afternoon.

4. On a deadline? Find out where they have WiFi and enjoy a cup of tea while you’re working.

If they have outdoor seating, all the better. Pick a location that makes you feel like you’re on vacation.

5. Belong to a local gym?  Go experience their sauna.

Go relax your muscles, sit in the Jacuzzi or steam sauna.  Enjoy your membership.

6.  Have a dog?  Need some exercise?  Do a search online of local park trails.

Try one that you haven’t been to before. Bring water. Explore.

7.  Live by a lake or a river?  Find out what it costs to rent a canoe or a paddle boat.

Pack a picnic lunch and take a friend.  Row your boat.  Enjoy the outdoors.

8.  Like to drive?  Explore the next town over.

As we continue to live (and learn to live) in JOY, I invite you to share some of your JOY.  Email me at

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  1. I was inspired to reset my password…

    Great post. Great ideas. I think I might have a joy party. Thanks for sharing with us.


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