Ode to “Girlfriends”


I am CONVINCED that any challenge in life can be likened to an episode of  the sitcom”Girlfriends” (Girlfriends originally aired September 11, 2000).  I know…I know, that sounds crazy, but try me, I dare you to not be able to connect the dots.  Creator Mara Brock Akil did a fantastic job of making the characters relatable and somehow all were “friends in our head”.

Those in my inner circle have deemed me”Toni”, the self absorbed one of the group.  (Note: While, I love Toni, I have always connected more with Joan, played by Tracee Ellis Ross.) Joan is the quirky, “true blue” friend, “lover of life” character on the show.  I connect with her the most because despite the bigness of her personality,deep down she had bouts of insecurity and a recurring thread of being misunderstood.  She would put the needs of those around her first but somehow when she needed the reciprocation, she didn’t receive it.

My “research” of this show has caused me to be the global ambassador and resident expert on all things “Girlfriends”.  Going through a break-up?  Pick your “poison”, I mean come on, it was a show of chicks, they all went through a break-up at some point.  Going through trying to figure out “what is life”, do you want to talk about Lynn, the character who had five Master’s Degrees, but was still trying to figure out what she wanted to do with life.  Or what about the time that Joan wasn’t feeling fulfilled as an Attorney and decided to open a restaurant instead?  Like I said, life can be summed up to an episode of “Girlfriends”.

It’s become a joke amongst me and my friends.  “KP, here’s the situation….”  My response, “oooh, that reminds me of that episode of “Girlfriends” where …..”

I miss the lightheartedness of this show and just as they brought “Gilmore Girls” (another favorite of mine), perhaps I can lead the charge for Netflix to bring “Girlfriends” back.  I mean, how else are we going to see and celebrate the wedding of Joan and Aaron.  See, little Morgan growing up, peek in on Lynn’s musical career, meet William and Monica’s baby, and find out whether Mya and Darnell ever got pregnant with a little Mya or Darnell.

No, I’m not stuck in the past, but an outcry for quality, feel good television to make a return with diversity in television in mind.  In the craziness of this election, I wanted to think about something that made me smile today.  Which reminds me, remember when Toni was dating “the white dude” (reference for context only) and she had to continue to explain her “blackness” to him and he used the fact that she wore weave to conceptualize his political platform….yep, life can be summed up to an episode of Girlfriends.

So…can I depend on your support for my approach to Netflix for Girlfriends: The Revival?  No, seriously, can I?

Would love to read your comments.

Until next time….




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