Life Gets In The Way and other excuses we tell ourselves….

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I talk to women daily and whether I’m talking to a member of my “tribe” or random person at Starbucks, the sentiments are often the same….there is something out there that they haven’t done or that they want to do.  The conversation sounds all too familiar because it’s some of the same conversations that I often have with myself and with my journal.

I check in with my tribe often, especially when I have a new idea, crazy thought, or in need of some encouragement and like clockwork, the “you got this” or “what do you need from me”,  never fails to motivate me.

So, the deeper question is, how to do we get beyond the “life got in the way” scenario?  What is the thing that is going to keep us motivated, when there is no “crowd” cheering us on?

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Motivation is what drives you to accomplish goals.  Motivation is needed daily.  Money or the fear of losing your job motivates us to get out of bed in the morning.  Motivation is also the thing that causes you to keep putting one foot in front of the other when everything around you says give up.  It doesn’t matter how excited you may be about achieving a goal or finishing a project, your motivation can be altered by a number of influences such as disappointment in others, being overwhelmed or not seeing “immediate” gratification.  That’s not even factoring in the personal stuff that pull on our energy levels, such as surroundings, fear, insecurities, unhealthy relationships and plain ole fatigue.

Here are a few suggestions to recharge when our motivation is depleted.

  1. Readjust your focus.

There’s ALWAYS going to be a lot going on but when we sit down to watch a movie or our favorite “guilty pleasure” on tv, we become quickly engrossed in the moment.  For those few minutes or hours the external factors are not in the forefront of our mind.  You may find yourself laughing, crying, excited, inspired—even agitated or like me, talking back at the screen.  What we are focusing on influences our mood. Our circumstances haven’t changed, but the new focus is now determining our feelings.

When you readjust your focus, you can recapture your motivation.

  • What are you currently focusing that is affecting your motivation?
  • How can you readjust your focus to achieve this goal?

2.  Identify where your inspiration comes from.   

Write down the names of three people who just being around them brings you joy.  Now, think about the last thing that they did or said that meant so much to you.

For example, I reached out to a member of my “tribe” to see how I could support her on a project she is working on, all while feeling discouraged about some things going on professionally.

Her:  In case something comes up and we aren’t able to talk later today, please give me an abbreviated text response as to how you are doing.

Me:  Trying to stay encouraged because some things are jumping off as quickly as I would like them.

Her:  You are an amazingly creative professional with meticulous eye for detail.  Sooner than soon the world will know and embrace your talent and tenacity…they’ll have no choice.

Me:  Don’t make me cry.

Her:  We’ll cry TOGETHER

She had no idea of what that did for me in that moment and I intend to tell her so later.

Sidebar:  If you feel inclined to do so, text, email or call them and let them know how much they mean to you.  This may give them the motivation that you had no idea they needed.

3.   Identify your energy/creativity boosters.

Maybe you feel inspired while browsing the bookstore, touring a museum, playing at the beach, visiting the mall, or attending a concert. Or perhaps an activity such as mentoring, dancing, exercising, hiking or volunteering gets you excited. When you are in an environment that jumpstarts your creativity and gives you a burst of energy, you feel motivated because of what you see and experience. Carve out some time this week in a motivating environment or engaged in an inspiring activity. Then use that energy to work on your worthwhile goal.  ”

Kennetta is Small Business Consultant, Brand Strategist, Influencer, Digital Marketing Creative, and Snark Aficionado.  You can find her at the “local” Starbucks sipping on her non-fat, no foam, no whip, no room and stirred white mocha.

Contact her at or 830.499.1172 for services or speaking engagements.

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  1. Terrea Davis says:

    You’re absolutely insisting on evoking tears today aren’t you? Thank you for the precision you artfully use in advising & pushing others such as myself out of stuckville into inspiration.


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