No New Year, New Me For ME

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It’s the 5th day of January and things are off to a great start.  However, I feel like my approach to this year has to be different, especially if I’m looking for different results.  The “new year, new me” mantra has always made me feel like I’m supposed to be starting over.  Like… “you want me to start over?  Like from the beginning????”

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I’ve decided that I’m too old to start over. I will pick up where I left off and learn from the mistakes I’ve made and GROW THROUGH them and as a result of them.

As always, I’ve taken time to do a self-assessment and have decided that I will remove anything that doesn’t benefit from me. If you follow me on FB, you’ve seen my “Counting Blessings” posts that really caused me dig deep and think about the things I’m truly grateful for and just how blessed I am. That is my starting point for 2018.

I will be turning 48 this year and while I’ve never been one to begrudgingly face birthdays, but I will admit that this getting older thing is becoming more of a reality to me than ever before.

I’ve decided that my mantra for 2018 is “Change the World”, but as we know, we can’t “change the world” unless we too are changed.  So, I’m gearing up for change….mind, body, and soul.

When doing personal counseling/consulting, I advise my clients to create a personal development plan.  I know that sounds like a lot of work, but it really is a needs assessment that you do for yourself and then put plans in place to accomplish the things/goals you set for yourself.

With that said, if you decide to tag along, which I hope you will, you will see me take the advice that I often give my clients.  So, this will be “eat, pray, love” with a twist.  I’ll be life coaching myself (funny, I know) and leaning on the expertise of people that I trust in various areas.

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The three areas are not new ones, as there is much research and literature that speaks about you mind, your body, and your soul and the necessity for these areas to be aligned.  My approach will be through the following ways:

  1.  Enriching my mind
  2. Nurturing my body
  3. Inspiring my soul

So, I’ll be researching/reading/studying, attending events/conferences as my “new entrepreneur” budget will allow me to.

Stay tuned kids, as this is bound to be an adventure of epic proportion.  Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (as I post differently [mostly] on all three platforms.

Until next time, I wish you love, peace and SOUL

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Feel free to leave your comments and share this with others that may be seeking to be at one with their mind, body, and soul.

I’m also open to suggestions about #mindbodysoul events that I should be a part of.

Contact Kennetta at or 830.499.1172 for services or speaking engagements or simply to be adding to the email list.







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