In Search of Motivation

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I have far too many thoughts going on in my head. Far too many tabs open on my computer. A notebook.  An iPad, two phones, and a calendar all around me, but yet, I’m not feeling motivated.

In the workplace you have your supervisor or your coworker to motivate you or a pending project keeping you on track, but when you’re an entrepreneur, you sometimes don’t have access to those things.

A lot of times, as entrepreneurs, we are working in silo, giving ourselves “high fives” or “atta girls/boys” when we accomplish something great or land that new client.   Equally, we don’t have those people to bounce ideas off of or express “business disappointments” to.  If you’re a solopreneur, then odds are greater for you to feel alone.


So, I posed the question to some of my entrepreneur friends and on my social media pages, “how do you stay motivated when you work for yourself?”  But then it became painfully aware that most of my audience/friends is still in Corporate America and working their side hustles at night and on the weekend.

So, I was left with the same question….What do entrepreneurs or solopreneurs do when they need motivation?

Here’s a few solutions….

Remember the why

Remember why did you decided to take the “scary leap” in the first place.  Where you looking to solve a particular problem?  Meet a particular need?  Help a particular group of people?  Now take those thoughts and create a vision board.  This will help you visualize your goals everyday.  Remembering the why will help keep yourself motivated, especially in those times you don’t feel productive or motivated.  Everything should link back to the why.

Engage in motivational activities

You don’t have to always be focused only on your work. Indulging in other activities that you find motivational can also drive your entrepreneurial success. Try listening to a podcast while you work.  Whether the podcast is spiritual, business related or something to make you laugh while working, they aid in helping you stay productive.

Stay in touch with your family and friends

Family and friends are the greatest source of support in the toughest times. Make time to stay in touch with them even if you may be busy. Meeting a friend for dinner or drinks or having a meal together once a week, enjoying a board game together, will give you the much needed energy replenishment to allow you to push ahead. Your family and friends may not fully understand what you are doing but will help you remember the simpler joys in life.

Treat yo’self

Let’s face it: Sometimes it’s not enough to have a plan or course of action to meet our goals. We need that extra push, an added level of inspiration that holds us accountable for achieving daily victories.

Research shows that rewards are responsible for 75% of our dedication and personal motivation.

The simplest reason why they are so effective and helpful? They make us feel good from the very start of a project to the very end. We get excited selecting a reward, and as we roll up our sleeves, it’s in the back of our mind as we make progress on the task.  The moral of the story? Treat yo’self. 

I will admit, while I LOVE being an entrepreneur and I fight hard to remain there, I do have times when I’m not motivated and no matter what I do, I struggle to find the motivation.  So, recently, when I was feeling this way, I begin to think about what would cheer me up/motivate ME when I was down in my personal life.

  •  receiving an unexpected text message?
  • receiving unexpected flowers/gift?
  • a hand witten letter/note?
  • reading an inspiring book about something that I was passionate about?

What about all of those things together, plus more?

After reflecting, it hit me…..and I’m pleased to introduce to you…The Birthing Point.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 11.44.59 AM.png

Yep, I know that is the name of my business, but keeping in theme with that, I’m offering motivation subscription boxes for entrepreneurs.  Imagine a personally curated box for the entrepreneurs in your life.

I’m excited about helping you motivate the entrepreneurs in your life with a personally curated box filled with goodies destined to motivate and cheer them on to their next success.

Contact Kennetta at or 830.499.1172 to order your first box or if you’re interested in my services, want to book me for speaking engagements, or simply to be adding to the email list.


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