“I’m a Book Hoarder And I Cannot Lie”

Books have been like a security blanket for me as long as I can remember.  My fondest memories are of visiting my grandparents in Louisiana during the summer.  I would take what I’m sure wasn’t my grandmother’s first choice for my picnic blanket and drag it onto the front yard and get lost for HOURS…

A Little Reminder….

  In light of  COVID19 and the state of the world, I’m sure, like me, it has caused you to pivot. I was seeing post after post and tweet after tweet about “the book I should be writing, how productive I should be, etc”, but in all honesty, I’ve been finding it very hard to…

Just Jump In

  I remember the first time I learned how to double dutch.  It was Summer in DC and was hanging out with my cousins in front of the family store.  I was young and wanted to do what my older cousins were doing.  So, I begged nonstop until they taught me the basics of how…

The Category Is…..

“Pose” on FX is some of the best acting on television. Filled with awareness, wit, reads for filth, and fashion and creativity beyond measure.

Good Mourning….

So, the other night, I lived “recklessly”….I went out on a school night…LOL, but the reason why was so worth it.  I went to see India.Arie in concert at the Paramount (yes, again).  I’ve been a lover of her music for as long as I can remember.  Her contribution to soul music is undeniable…I mean…

Homecoming: An Ode to Beyonce & Southern University

Watching Homecoming, had me in my feelings.  I mean above the RIDICULOUS work ethic and artistry of Beyonce and the way that she weaved so many facets of the HBCU experience into the show, it made me think back to my years at THE Southern University.

You’re Exactly Where You’re Supposed To Be

Year’s ago I read one of Iyanla Vanzan’ts books and there was one pivotal line in the book, “you are exactly where you are supposed to be”….this was back when I was at one of the lowest moments of my life (very much like I did coming into 2018).  

Oops, I [Almost] Did It Again

So, I have a confession.  I sometimes allow myself to shrink down in the face of other “experts”.  Now, it’s not something that I do all of the time, but it happened to me recently at a casual meeting and I spent the next day or so “beating myself up about it”. Imposter Syndrome, as…

Working [And Winning] With Influencers

  Have you ever been scrolling along on Instagram and saw an amazing picture and start reading the post and the person is talking about a life experience and then you read “this is why I use XYZ product” and ends the post with #ad?  You my Friend, have just experienced influencer marketing. What is…

Love Is….a Love Cactus

The show [Love Is] is so well written and provides the music soundtrack for our lives.  During episode two, although we know how the story ends, I was literally on the edge of my seat. During any episode, you can go from rolling your eyes at one of the characters to dancing in your seat, to holding you heart and having an “awwww” moment.  I will return again and again to watch this show.  Tuesdays 10/9 Central OWN will have my attention, my time, and my heart.