Pressing Reset…Starting NOT QUITE Over


It’s a new year!!! Many people are setting goals, making resolutions and conducting what I like to call “housekeeping”.   You’ve seen the posts where people are deleting phone numbers and ultimately people from their lives, so they can move forward in the new year, with a fresh start and a clean slate.  People are making declarations that “this year won’t be like last year”.  They are posting positive quotes all over social media, in an effort to reset their thinking.  If resetting was that easy, why is it (according to statistics) that about 45% of people that make resolutions, have broken them by January 31st?

To reset means to set again or to restore to zero.  Think about it, when your phone or computer starts moving slowly or freezes up, you typically turn your phone or computer off and on again in an effort to fix the problem.  You call technical support and lay out the problem to them and they try to troubleshoot the situation over the phone.  Sometimes, they tell you that the solution is to do a HARD RESET.  I don’t know about you, but when I hear those words, I cringe.  I’ve lost a lot of information, pictures, and contacts doing a reset without properly backing up my computer and/or phone.  The result is usually in you having to start again.

If it’s your phone and you’ve lost all of your contacts, you are on social media asking everyone to please inbox you because you’ve lost everything.  You blame the phone company, the computer, even the service rep who helped you, but you rarely say, “I screwed up people, it’s my fault”.

After seeing the umpteenth, “if you don’t hear from me know you’ve been deleted” message on Facebook, I started thinking.  What if the problem is with us and not with the person that we’ve “deleted”?

In an effort to start the new year off right, we sometimes “throw out the baby with the bathwater” (Note:  I heard this growing up and had NO idea of it’s meaning until I became an adult).  Think about it, we go on a diet in an effort to get healthy, so we go through the fridge and the cupboards and we throw all of the “junk food” away…we pull out and dust off the old treadmill, we renew our gym membership, and whatever it takes to declare that we are getting healthy.  We both know that quitting cold turkey has rarely worked.  If there hasn’t been a reset in our minds, then our efforts will crash and burn QUICKLY.

So, how do we reset?  How do we change the running script we currently have in our heads?  I would like to introduce the Crawl-Walk-Run Method to you.  It can be pretty overwhelming when you are looking at a task in it’s entirety.  It’s so much easier if you talk it in smaller “bites”, hence the crawl method.

When  a baby is learning to crawl, they are pretty comical to watch.  They are just realizing that they are mobile and they are somewhat independent.  So, they do the slow crawl and when things aren’t going their way, they sometimes revert back to the scoot they they used when trying to establish a little bit of their independence.  I remember watching my kids in this phase and I would see them sometimes just crawling around in circles…they were just happy to be free.  With that being said, when a child has gained their independence, very rarely do you see them wanted to be contained to their mother’s arms, they want to get down and explore.  Sure they just bumped their head on the wall or the table, but do you see them abandon the whole concept of crawling or walking, no, they reset and get back after it.

The same is with walking. Your legs are wobbly underneath you, you fall, but you get right back up and try it again.  Sure, you may go back to crawling but only for a short time.  You don’t then say, “I think I like crawling better and I’ll never walk again”

When running, it takes a certain kind of discipline.  You have a certain confidence of your existence and your place in life that not once does crawling and wobbly walking ever cross your mind.  You may slow your run down at times, but there is never any room to regress.

So, you set about the business of making 2013 the best year ever (so cliche…lol) be about the business of simply resetting in a few areas of your life instead of a HARD reset that could result in you losing everything.

Note:  A good resource for conducting a reset is  I love this website and visit it often.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.  Take advantage of the opportunities in 2013.

Be blessed

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rishonna says:

    Enjoyed the read. Look forward to the next one. Confirmed something that I realized about myself during the break. That even if it is other people that are the problem, the only person I can change is me. Thanks K!


    1. kennettap says:

      Thanks Rishonna for the read and feedback.


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